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i killed it.

i killed my webpage.
i don't know why.

or. wait. i do know:

* i never updated it.
* i didn't have time.
* i was busy doing other things.
* i could never figure out what to do with it.
* it was somehow... lacking expandability.

but maybe mostly:

* i got tired of having to to learn php.

so. i moved along, started looking at xml/xsl
for another project, and got stuck there, doing

i'll figure something out.
do something new.
don't fear.
the next thing will be grand, i think.
as soon as i can figure some xsl-things out.
and maybe find some xml-parser for apache,
or find a decent place to host me, win2k .NET. :P

das ubergeek in me is proud.
been on an educative trek the last two days,
learing to program the .NET-framework with C#.

it's wonderful. really.


using System;
using System.Net;

class DnsResolve{

public void Main(string[] args){

a quick and dirty commandline-util to look up the hostname for a specified IP-address.

it's that easy, in the .NET-framework.
mahvellous. and today I built a server that waits for connections and listens on TCP-port 13, logging whatever traffic comes that way.



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