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Read this.

America, you sicken me.
You sicken me in more ways than I can count.
You prey on the weak and reward the strong,
very Darwinian of you.
I can admire that.

But I can't admire that it's the _wrong_ 'strong'
who are rewared.
Neither can I condone your fascist tendencies to play SUPERCOP to the world.
You claim to be the NUMBER ONE DEMOCRACY in the world.
What a fucking joke.

The story above (zdnet.com) made me positively nauseous.
What gives your supreme court judges the power to transcend nation borders and nation laws?

"Hey, I know. I think it's pretty okay for these FEDERAL guys to ransack a house in, say... Mexico? Mexico is almost the USA. Oh. Oh. And Canada too. Why don't we let them ransack houses in every other country in the world, I mean. Everyone knows we're the GOOD GUYS, right? What's the harm?"

Stop playing police where you shouldn't. You have no right to make the world dance to your little flute. Stop trying to police the world, and focus your attention to _your own fucking problems_.

The USA today is not the same 'sink-or-swim'-america that it was in the 80s. You need to wake up and take _responsibility_ for your population.
America, you sicken me.
With your vast superfluous population. If each overweight american would donate 2 pounds
of his/her own flesh, you alone would stop world hunger.

The United States of America?
No. The Unified Shit of Americans, more likely.

Fuck off.
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